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Staying on stays in Argentina, La porteña de areco

La Porteña de Areco

Staying on stays in Argentina is the best option to know their traditions and national folklore.

This stay located 115 kms from Buenos Aires, belonged to the writer Ricardo Guiraldes, who have ended his work Don Segundo Sombra under his roof.
The colonial house dates from 1850 and is set in a great park of 3 hectares, designed by the famous landscape architect Carlos Thays.

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The elegant and understated decor is traditional antique furniture.
Literature lovers will enjoy the large library with the most beloved books of Guiraldes.
It is very close to San Antonio de Areco, a town with well Creole traditions, where you can visit the museum Guiraldes, and take a staple in the Bessonart store. Admire the work of silversmith J, J. R. Dragui or Dragui saddler.
He offers horseback riding, photo safari, bird watching. Pato , the national sport, and Polo.

As huéspede of stay gauchesco you know the past in one of its four bedrooms with en suite, bed king size or twin beds. Spacious rooms with fireplace.

The Porteña also offers a day of unforgettable field full of folklore and tradition. This way your visitors will observe its varied landscapes, know the country life, sounds, flavors and aromas of the region.

• Tour of the historic ranch house, dormitory and his desk Güiraldes Ricardo Rincon del Poeta.
• Guided Horseback Riding.
• carriage rides.
• folk guitar playing.
• Demonstration of Creole skills (such as race rings are made depending on the weather).
• Visit the farm animals: calves, goats, piglets, geese, chickens and sheep, among others.
• pool / pool (seasonal).
• Playroom with fireplace, plasma TV features, pool, ping-pong, board games, foosball and bocce court.
• For guys have: sandpit, hammocks, water slide, playhouse, place with toys and activities for children.
• Other sports (volleyball, soccer and bicycles).
• Wi Fi service in common area.
More information• Other sports (volleyball, soccer and bicycles).
• Wi Fi service in common area.

More information

Tel: +549 1156267347
Móvil Argentina: 011 15 56267347

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