Sunday, 22 December 2013

8 animated gifs of cities worldwide with fireworks

Gifs of cities worldwide with fireworks

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You can send as greeting the New Year.

Images: phototravel

 New Year in New York

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gif,animated,new year,fireworks,new york

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saved to the folder you want.

 New Year in Buenos Aires, Argentine

gif,animated,new year,fireworks,buenos aires

New Year in Istambul

gif,animated,new year,fireworks,istambul

New Year in Bogotá, Colombia

gif,animated,new year,fireworks,bogotá

 New Year in Madrid

madrid,gif,animated,new year,fireworks

 In Mexico

mexico,gif,animated,new year,fireworks

 Paris, France

paris,france,gif,animated,new year,fireworks

 Roma, Italy

gif,animated,new year,fireworks,roma,italy


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